Credit Report


The Version of Credit Score or Credit Report you have may be outdated. Every month, your credit score can change, based on your activities. If you have activities that you’re not aware whether it is building or hurting your credit score, you really should think about how you’re going to have access to a regular credit report that shows your where your score is headed. So much data will be listed on your credit report that enables you to then make decisions what you can make purchases and be extended money. A Good Credit Score or an Excellent Credit Score works, but which are you aiming for?



Life has been presented to you. The Decision is now Yours. What is your Version? What’s your update? What’s your latest style of living? Have you determined what you promised yourself years ago and how it followed through? Did you satisfy what you desired?

Google to build YouTube app for Windows 8

Microsoft and Google working together to create an app. This was a response to Google’s concern about Microsoft independently creating their own app without implementing elements of standardization.


Adobe to get rid of Boxed Version of Creative Suite

According to, Adobe is going towards the direction of the Cloud. Getting rid of the plastic wrapped boxes and focusing on their Creative Cloud clients. Virtualization is the key direction for Adobe.

It’s all about everyone’s software being updated at any time. Since updates, fixes, bugs take place regularly, not all physical software customers are able to receive updated revisions to the Adobe software, however, with the new Creative Cloud direction that Adobe is going with, this allows customers to receive the update as soon as Adobe updates bugs, revisions, fixes and more.

TiVo to remove FREE VERSION of its PC Software

According to, TiVo customers desiring to install TiVo’s PC software have a short period of time left to download it for free. June 5, 2013 is the last day to download the software of TiVo.

Accordingly, June 6, 2013, TiVo users will have to start spending $15.99 to buy the TiVo desktop plus software. The edition offers features of the free version, however, has features that lets you move various shows to your portable devices and view web related videos on your TiVo box. It’s something like the Cloud devices (shared devices) that other companies like Apple, offer.

Although June 5, is the cutoff date, users who download it by June 5 will be able to use the free version without paying, after the date, going forward. By The Way, the plus version is only available for Windows at this juncture.

Get your latest version of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

The Non-Profit Browser is all about providing a fast, flexible, and secure browser, that’s innovating for you. Make sure you have a system that meets the requirements to run Firefox.

Getting the most up to date version will provide you with the latest tweaks and bug fixtures as well as new improvements that are updated for the browser. Get yours at Mozilla’s web site (

Android Phones

Google entered the competative cellphone market with Android and has quickly built a huge customer-base. Android phones have been seen as some of the first real formitable competitors to the iPhone. While the Android Marketplace still has less apps than the iTunes store the number of apps and users is growing every day.

The Android OS was originally developed by Android, Inc. which was bought by Google back in 2005. Android was unveiled to the world in November of 2007 and is now one of the top-selling smartphones operating systems in the world.

Android has evolved a lot since version one was released in September of 2008. At we are proud to bring you the full version history of the Android OS so you can see how it has evolved and where it’s going.

Android 1.0 (September – 2008)
Initial launch version of the Android OS.

Android 1.1 (February – 2009)
First update to the Android OS.

Android 1.5 (April – 2009)
One of the first feature-rich version updates allowing people to watch and record videos, direct uploads to You Tube, a new soft-keyboard and a number of other popular features.

Android 1.6 (September – 2009)
Another feature-rich version of the OS this time adding an improved marketplace experience, updated voice search, better phone support and a number of other features.

Android 2.0 (October – 2009)
The last update of 2009 and a necessary one, Android 2.0 and 2.1 added key functionality like exchange support and a revamped user interface.

Android 2.2 (May – 2010)
This version of the Android OS continued to focus on improving performance along with improvements to exchange support along with USB tethering and the ability to create Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Android 2.3 (December – 2010)
The last release of 2010 offers an update user interface, support for even higher screen resolutions and a number of other key features.

Android Honeycomb
This version of the Android OS is expected to be released in the first half of 2011.

Android Ice Cream
This version of the Android OS is expected to be released in the middle of 2011.

Find Cellphones and Internet Service

Choosing a cellphone and cellphone plan that works for you is one of the most important decisions you can make. Most cellphone providers like to lock customers into a two year contract, this means that picking the right carrier from the start is critical. Each cellphone provider offers a different selection of phones and services. One of the most important pieces of information you need to look at as a consumer is which OS version each phone and carrier provides. Right now Droid phones are very popular however there are different versions of the operating system and it’s important to understand the nuances between each version before buying the phone.

The Android os was released on September 23rd of 2008, version 1.1 followed in February of 2009. Since then Android has had four different software versions, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2. The latest version of Android is version 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. Android Gingerbread was released on December 6th, 2010 and included an updated user interface, native support for SIP VOIP telephony, and a dozen other new features. There are two other known versions of Android in the works, Honeycomb, which will be released in early 2011 and Ice Cream which is speculated to launch in mid 2011.

If you want to see the latest version of Android in action then take a look at the video below:

Along with cellular phone service many of the top carriers also offer High Speed Internet. In many cases you can get your internet service bundled with your telephone and other services for a reduced rate. When signing-up for Internet service you’ll want to make sure to pick a plan and provider that’s the best fit for you. Just like cellphone providers many Internet Services provide discounted rates for customers that sign-up for a contract period of one year or more.

Internet services providers offer different versions of their services. These usually start with a low-bandwidth version that also offers significant cost-savings. While this might be fine for checking email many will find this too slow to stream music or videos. The next version of Internet Service usually involves a fast connections around 3 MBPS or more. The third version of tier of service offered by an Internet provider is usually geared towards businesses that need to upload and download large amounts of data.

At we can help you sort through all the confusion software versions to understand exactly what cellphone you need and which cellphone provider best meets your needs.

Ringtones – Find Ringtones Online

When you buy a new cellphone what’s the first thing you usually do? Set the ringtone. Well now that most cellphones can download ringtones from the Internet it is easier than ever to have a custom ringtone on your phone. You can download ringtones online either directly through your cellular phone or by using a popular ringtone download site.

You can find plenty of free ringtones online by simply visiting your favorite search engine and entering, “free ringtones for your phone” where your phone is your phone make and model. You can also buy ringtones online or directly from your phone, these are usually snippets of popular songs that are then looped and turned-into a ringtone.

Making your own ringtone is a great way to save money while enjoying a completely unqiue ringtone. The best way to make you own ringtone is to either download an app for your iPhone or Droid phone, or use a piece of audio recording software on your computer. If you make the ringtone on your computer make sure that you are using the correct format for your cellphone.

Internet Service – Find Internet Service for Home or Business

It is almost impossible to live without broadband, however given the different options it can sometimes be confusing to determine which Internet service is right for your home or business. At we know that every provider offers a different version of their service geared at a specific user type. To help you better determine which is the best fit for you take a look at the list below and see what kind of Internet user you are.

Basic Broadband
You do mostly email and some light web browsing on your computer. You don’t stream music or videos and aren’t concerned if playback is choppy, price is your top concern.

Intermediate Broadband
You do email, web browsing and enjoy streaming music and videos. The Intermediate version of an Internet Provider’s plan is where most people end-up as it offers a speed that allows you to use the Internet to its full potential.

Business Broadband
You run a business and need to have multiple computers all doing email, browsing the web and potentially streaming music and videos. High Speed Internet for business used to be very expensive but now you can get great speeds usually for under $100/month.